Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We went and took Ryken's 3 month pics on Tuesday... 2 weeks late... We also went and did his hand and feet impressions. Jasmin was so good, just loved being out, if you look close enough you can see a Tink sticker on her hand, she got that from the photographer for being so well behaved. I also treated her to a slushie and fries from a joint in the mall. The last are of Ryken playing a sort of peek-a-boo while swinging.

Jasmin has so much fun helping out with Ryken and around the house. If Daddy is doing something, she wants to be a part of it. So she helps make meals, serve them when done making them, helps put the clothes in the dryer... even when the basket is full of clean ones, not wet ones from the washer, she loves to sweep and mop and sings Barney's "clean up" song as she does that. She seems to be enjoying music more and more lately, I think it has been because we went to Uncle David's dance concert and because we have been watching So You Think You Can Dance ( we are avid fans ), but yes, she turns the tv off and consantly asks for music. Today was awesome because I turned the music on and it was a ballad and she started to dance for Ryken, totally contemporary moves, and it blew my mind. Later when Steve was channel surfing she would change her dance style to match the song, it was so mind blowing to watch that she understood. Her personality is so much fun and I am so glad that we have been blessed to have her as part of our family.

Happy Memorial Day... a few later :) These are pics taken at Grandma and Grandpa Richter's from Monday. Grandma bought Jasmin a festive crown and matching necklaces... I don't know why she had to take out her hair thing to put the crown on, but she did (the pictures are backwards sorry, I just wanted to lead with the festive one.)

Jasmin is constantly asking us to take her picture with baby brother, so here are some of those pictures. The first is her being bored with the camera taking so long to turn on. The second isn't bad. The third one she wouldn't smile, so in the second one she is holding up her smile with her hands and the last one she is doing her monster impression. Good times. Oh and Ryken now puts his feet down in the activity center, no more superman flying thing, he stands and bounces a bit... he is getting too big too fast.

Attractive... I know, but Steve says since I always put goofy pics of him on her that I should put this one on, especially since Jasmin helped take it... so this one is for you, hun.

One of Jasmin's favorite things to do at Grandma and Grandpa Lewis' is pick up this dirt and dead grass. This is much to Grandpa's dismay since he is trying to grow grass under there, but she is so cute doing it that he doesn't seem to mind... too much :)

Jasmin found a carebear and it became her new best friend, at Gma and Gpa's house atleast. She dragged these chairs over together and sat and talked to him/her, whatever :) She was whispering at first so I asked her is she was being reverant and so she foldered her arms.

After chasing airplanes Jasmin set her sights on the butterflies in the yard.

We went over to Gma and Gpa Lewis's Saturday for a prememorial day bbq. Gpa made an airplane for Jasmin and it provided quite the entertainment for all, as you can see from the photos.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

We busted out the baby einstein activity center for Ryken the other night. He still is too little to stand in it, so he kind of superman style sat in it (legs back, arms forward.) He loved the music buttons and concentrated so hard to push them, it was fun to watch. I can't believe how big he is getting. It is so fun to watch him play. He started rolling a couple of weeks ago and doesn't quite have the hang of it yet, he gets stuck on his stomach. He hates to go to sleep, he starts grumbling when you try to rock him as if he thinks we are tricking him. He loves to have you attention and will talk your ear off if you give it to him.

So I don't have a pic of the completed pool yet, it took all day to fill. Here are some during pics to give you an idea. We still "swam" in it though it wasn't full yet. Mostly we tanned on some blow up rafts... ha, three rafts fill the pool, that is how small/big it is.