Tuesday, September 13, 2011

guess what happened last night?

Jasmin lost her first tooth!
Sorry pics are fuzzy, a certain bro borrowed my camera for a trip to cali ;)
Thing is, if he hadn't a sister wanted it for a st george trip, ha.

The tooth fairy left her a dollar wrapped in a ribbon of her favorite color!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

where in the world?

Yes, where in the world have I been? Busy as all get out! Currently we are residing in a little apartment in Orem since we sold our house (SUPER YAY!!!!) and haven't figured out where we are building, if we are building or buying... it seems to change daily, ugh! Either way I hope to be there by December, so we will see :) It is crowded in this apartment, but light at the end of the tunnel, sacrifices worth it!

Jasmin started kindergarten at Sharon Elementary and has the cutest teacher! Mrs Crowley :) When she went to her kindergarten assessment, her teacher kept praising her and later told me that she got to do tests with Jasmin that she usually doesn't get to do because she kept doing it right and so kept advancing. Go Jasmin!
She also made the Hot Shot team at her dance studio. Once again the smallest on her team but kicking it already ( couple of solo parts in 2 of the numbers so far )

Ryken started preschool! It took 3 times of going, but he does not cry when I leave him now, woot woot! He especially love show and tell :) He is dieing for our "big house" because he found some new toys during the move that we are not opening until we are settled. Steve won't even open up the 47 inch tv he won at work until we are settled, argh!

Zackary is getting so big! He now has 2 teeth officially, with 2 more working their way out. He crawls everywhere! He cruises along things too, so I know walking is around the corner. He will be 9 months tomorrow, and I do not know where that went. He talks so much but his favorite way to communicate is grunting and growling, it seriously is the cutest and funniest thing ever. He will look right at you and grunt, he totally knows what he is doing :)

Steve and I? We are here, tired and heads spinning figuring it all out :) Will try to keep you better posted. Again, if you facebook, ADD ME! I throw pics up there all the time.