Monday, May 24, 2010

What it must be like...

to be a kiddle. My kids' day so far? Slept in, then crawled into bed with mommy and snuggled and watched Mickey Mouse clubhouse. Had sugar bread for breakfast ( cinnamon sugar toast :) ) and "flower" cut apples. Then they danced for a good hour to alvin and the chipmunk songs on youtube and now are having a blast going through mommy's junk pile as she is trying to organize. They have discovered Jasmin's set of makeup brushes aka a dollar store set, and now are putting make up on Jasmin. Oh man, seriously, what a life huh? Play, play, play. What is must be like to be a kiddle :D

Always catching up :)

Monday, May 03, 2010

the latest

So yes, I didn't think to blog about our newest news because, hello, I facebooked it and doesn't that mean everyone knows now??? Ha, so I apologize that those of my adoring viewers who are not my facebook friend are now finding out later than, yanno, everyone else ;)

We are pregnant... well, mostly just me, the one throwing up and feeling nauseous all the time, and overheated at night, and constantly having to get up and hit the bathroom and already looking 5 month when only 2, etc... but it is a family affair to a certain extent, so I say we :D

Poor little baby is due first week of December, such a horrible month to have a birthday, imo. When we told the kiddles, Jasmin's first response was "is it a girl baby?" ha, we will see :) Though according to her, she is already telling people it is a girl, but we won't be making that announcement for some time ;) And when we do, I promise to blog it first, not facebook :D