Friday, December 28, 2012


Can you believe this little man is 2 already?  I honestly am not sure where that time has gone.  He is such a light in our lives.  He is FULL of personality and such a lover bug.  He is his brother's shadow and sister's "baby".  He is always playing or dancing or running around.  A typical Zackary interaction proceeds as following: "Daddy?  'Yes, Zackary?' TACO!"  it is so funny, not sure what he thinks taco means but he says it a lot.  Another favorite word is RO-BOT.  He loves playing with balls just like his big brother and some of his favorite shows right now are Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Pingu, and Avengers the cartoon.  He is so much fun and we are so grateful he is a part of our lives.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

2012 Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for visiting our blog.  In an attempt to save a few trees, I only send out Christmas cards with our blog address on them so then you can come here if you care to hear what our year was about.
To be honest, it was a pretty mellow year.

Steve is still at Pepsi as a super salesman, hopefully a promotion is in the near future.  He is still in scouts at church as a Webelos leader.  He fills his time working on the basement or rearranging the house, whichever suits his fancy that week.  Sadly he has had to spend a bit of time lately working on cars, so has taken him away from the house projects, but at least he is able to work on our cars so we are grateful for that.

Clerissa is still playing the stay at home mom game.  Still selling Norwex, Scentsy, and Close to my Heart from home to help pay for the kids activities.  She helps out at Jasmin's school and is also on the board at her ballet company.  She was team parent for Ryken's soccer team.  She became the nursery leader at church at the beginning of summer.  She fills her time scrapbooking and reading, when she isn't playing taxi for the kids.
ADDED 12/06/2012:  I post pictures on facebook more often than here, please feel free to add me if you want to keep up to date all year long.  Clerissa C J Lewis

Jasmin had a fun year.  She was accepted onto the Utah Valley Civic Ballet company, as their youngest member at the age of 6.  She was in their spring production of Swan Lake and just finished up their winter production of Peter and the Wolf.  She even had a little solo part in Peter and the Wolf.  She is also at a new competition studio, Studio One Dance Company.  That has been a fun transition that we are excited to see where it goes, if it is where she is meant to be.  She did well in her spring competitions.  She even won a High Point award at one of the venues.  That means that of all the level 2 dancers there, regardless of age or dance style, she had the most points awarded from the judges.  She had a fun summer working with our friend Allison with gymnastics.  She learned how to do a back handspring and almost has her aerial down.  She is in 1st grade and loving it.  She reads so much and loves learning every day.  She wants to learn instruments soon, she picks at the piano and picks up songs very well and wants a guitar for Christmas, so we will see what happens.

Ryken's year was full as well.  He got to finally start some sports.  He played summer t-ball and enjoyed that.  He loved being last to bat because then he got to run all the bases at once.  Home run!  Then he started soccer and really excelled.  He was weary at first but by the end of the season he was one of their better players, averaging 2 scores a game, ending the season with 3 the final game.  He loved getting to play and having family come watch.  He is anxiously awaiting for spring soccer to start up, and we are still in December.  He is in his final year of preschool and can't wait to go to the big school with Jasmin next year.  He is a fun little guy, his church teachers and school tell us how well he sing and preforms.  It is from all the years of watching his big sister, he knows what to do.  He stole the show at the Primary program this year, it was so fun to watch.

Zackary is a kick in the pants.  This little guy is so much fun, most of the time, and exhausting the rest of the time.  He turns 2 on the 9th.  He is always playing and running and dancing and talking.  His jibber jabber is so fun to listen to, especially as it becomes more and more understandable.  Some of his favorite word are "robot and taco"  He will come in and look at you and say "mom/dad?"  and we say "what?" and he says "taco"... it is hilarious... not sure what he thinks it means but he says it so cute and at random times, it is so funny.  He loves to be snuggled and tickled and to hug and kiss his family.  He is always so sad when we drop Ryken off at school because he wants to go too.  He is such a fun little man.  He is funny and smart.  When he signs, he uses his pointer finger instead of thumb on some signs and it cracks us up.  He love being a helper, especially to daddy.

That is about it.   Make sure to watch our Christmas video in the post below.  We are doing well and living life to the fullest we can.  We are so grateful everyday for our home and lives.

We hope that this letter has found you and your family is good health and spirits.  We wish you the most merry of Christmas season's as we celebrate our Savior's birth this year.  We hope that you have a fun and safe and happy new year as well.

Love ~ The Lewis Family
Steven, Clerissa, Jasmin, Ryken, Zackary