Monday, November 25, 2013

2013 Christmas Letter

2013 was a super full year!  So to end it, I figured I would list 2,013 things in 2013!
Just teasing, how about 13 things?
1. Jasmin performed in Cinderella and then made it in the Coppellia ballet as a mini Coppellia.
2. Steve got promoted to an Area Business Manager for Pepsi.
3. Clerissa started using doTERRA oils on the family and signed up to sell and it has been an amazing blessing.
4. We found out we were pregnant and baby 4 is due April 9, 2014.
5. Ryken finally is at the big kid school and gets to ride the bus home with Jasmin.
6. Zackary misses his brother and sister but loves time with Mommy.
7. Jasmin made a company level team at Studio 1, she is on Jr. Company.
8. Ryken is improving leaps and bounds at school, his reading is incredible and his teacher loves him.
9. Steve got called to be a Sunday School teacher for the teenagers at church.
10. Clerissa is now the Cub Scout Committee Chair person for our local pack.
11. Our kids got to go to Moab for the first time and had a blast hiking and exploring.
12. Zackary can't wait go to preschool, he has grown so much this year from potty training to now being excited to go to his church class.
13. We found out that baby 4 is a girl, and yes, Jasmin is over the moon to be getting a sister.

There you have it, 13 things in 2013.
We hope that you and your loved ones have a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy and safe New Year!
Love ~ The Lewis Family