Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jasmin's Spring Recital

So I need to update pics, but honestly as just lazy and haven't. Here are the recital movies from today, for those who missed it. Thank you to those who came, it means a lot to Jasmin and us that you were able to come.


Friday, May 15, 2009

So my friend posted this on her blog, it is seriously made me laugh.out.loud.
Enjoy :)

PS, if you are tired of the swimming pics, you can click on view all images and it will take you to a pager where you can skim though the pics you want, just a little fyi ;)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Did you miss the post a few back?

I already confessed about being a slacker, what more can I say?
Ok, ok, sorry?
I really am, life has been busy actually and I have a picture overload to unload from our trip to yellowstone that was AMAZING. The babes were quite good we saw everything from a bear to wolves, only thing we didn't see were any moose.

We have had bdays and holidays pass and I need to just get the slideshow up. Steve got busy with finals and I have participated and hosted a few craft swaps, need to get 170 bees made for enrichment, 7 tutues for a recital, helped make 70 fully embossed cards for a graduation ( by fully I mean 6 individually cut letters and a big flair on each invite, good thing I passed that off to my sibs to finish up )

Little man has been sick the past weekend, so that dampered mom's day, but it was still good times ( after being barfed on by my little man sunday morning, hubs let me sleep in the rest of the day and he and Jasmin organized the craft/playroom and made me cards )

Ok, just letting you know we are alive, if the comp will stop freezing, of if we get a new one ( keep fingers crossed ) then I can upload pictures sooner/faster.