Thursday, October 30, 2008

I am so behind and apologize. Mostly it is because I am exhausted, and you never would be able to tell that, because we are always on the go, but I really am and so keep slacking on updating and for this I apologize. We have been crazy busy doing festive things. On Saturday ( the day after our wards ladies' late night that I was at because I am the food person ) we went trick or treating on Spanish Fork's main street. That night we went to the Free Trick-or Treat and craft night at Robert's Craft. Auntie Raeane came along to both things that day. That night we went out and spent the night at Gma and Gpa Richter's while they were in Vegas, we stayed with the youngest 3 and partied :) They got back Sunday and we went home. Monday was the party at Jasmin's dance studio. We didn't get pics of them, but her friend Lydia came with her family, so made it extra fun. Tuesday was the night of ward carnivals. We made it to Gma and Gpa Lewis's and then over to Aunties Natasha and Justine's work but the babes fell asleep on our way over to our wards, so we only hit two. Wednesday we went to Uncle Michael's concert and then left the kiddles with Gma and Gpa Lewis while we went on a date to the Dreaded Grove. It totally disappointed but at least it was free and a fun night out just the two of us. Today was Jasmin's friend's party and I will upload those pics tomorrow... hopefully, and we also went to a carnival at the retirement/rehabilitation home down the road. Tomorrow we have tons more planned from trick-or-treating down our downtown and then trunk-or-treating and the church. We'll see if we can convince Daddy to go to a party we were invited to ;)
Enjoy the pics :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wow, my first tag, woo-hoo. Thanks Kim :)

Here goes :)

1. I worked at Super Target when I was 16... did any of you know that?

2. I can't stand the feel of ice sticking to my fingers, it is worse than chalk squeaking or styrofoam rubbing.

3. I totally justify any purchase if it is for my babes :) So that is the extent of my shop-a-holic-ness.

4. I am a huge pack rat in the sense of memorabilia items. I keep everything if I think it can be scrapbooked :)

5. I like to sign along to songs, even when driving... I know, not the most safe because hands not on the wheel... but yes, fun. My favorite is when I get to go somewhere without babes so I can totally blast the music and semi rock out :)

6. I wish I was a better dancer. Like "mad skillz" stuff, not just slow dance ballroom stuff I already can do.

7. I never got asked out once in high school, not a single time (probably not the most surprising, but random yes?)

OK I tag...
Michelle DeGraw
Angie Gardner

Monday, October 06, 2008

So this is out of order, and I could totally change it's post date, but didn't want to confuse, so here are pictures from cousin Kyle's Farewell and Uncle Michael's birthday.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Maybe I should just use this cropped one? :)
The standing view gives the appearance that I am skinny
and we are all smiling and look great, this one would be perfect, no?
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Friday, October 03, 2008

So I need votes and opinions. If ever you have been to our house, you would have seen that as you enter our home on the wall directly in front of you has a 10 x 13 family picture below a framed Proclamation to the World. We need to update that, and that is where you opinion comes into play. Which of these two pictures should be the one for the wall?
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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Ok, so I posted this with out the fun captions. If you move your mouse over each picture the caption will pop up. Enjoy!