Tuesday, March 05, 2013

a full life

This blog has sadly taken a back seat to our life, but that is a good thing.  It means we are busy out there living life.  But I don't want to forget anything, I wish I had a 24/7 camera on each of my kids so that I could have every moment forever.

Jasmin is a very busy girl, who keeps me busy.  Some days I am sooo tired of driving around, but it is part of the job description therefor I do.  She is at Studio 1 Dance Center, on their Junior Elite team and in a hiphop class and loving it all.  She is on the Intermediate Company for Utah Valley Civic Ballet and currently working on their Cinderella production coming this June at UVU.  She will be testing for the RAD grade 1 in April, super excited for that.  She will also be competing with a solo at the dance comps Studio 1 is attending next month.  Seems busy is an understatement, huh?  She is loving school and thoroughly enjoys reading books.  She is very excited to be turning 8 this year so she can have her ears pierced and be baptized.

Ryken is anxiously awaiting the spring season of soccer to start.  He keeps asking me every day if it is spring yet.  He is enjoying school as well, and counting down the days till he gets to go to the big kids school with Jasmin.  He has been working really hard on his reading, and making progress each day.  He is such a character, always running around with a ball of some sort.  He is so full of questions, like what does his spirit look like or how far is it to the moon.  He always starts with "Mom, can I tell you something?"  ha, so fun to see him growing up.  He loves to work out and get big muscles like daddy, or if he hears anyone wrestling he comes running ready to join the fight.

Zackary is his brother's shadow.  If Ryken is doing something, he wants to as well.  He is such a funny kid.  His little accent makes me smile when he talks.  "Nope, tank ewe momma"  He does his baby face or robot dance on demand, and they are hilarious.  He is only 2 and so smart it blows my mind.  He makes sure to get his turn in each day with the ipad, just like his siblings.  He is very opinionated when it comes to what he wants to watch when it is his turn to pick a show.  He loves his blankies and must have them all if at home.  We have weened him to only one when out and about.

I am so excited for summer time.  These kids are so cooped up and ready to go, but then again, I am just ready for a break too.  So that all we have to do each day is sunscreen up and go outside and just play or swim.  Mostly just to not be driving every where all day long ;)

We have some fun time off coming up, made sure Steve got off a week here and there so that we could go do things as a family.  Can't wait for our first one in April.

So yes, we are still here and alive, just busy.  I will make more of an effort to keep this up to date.  Facebook is so easy to throw things up that it truly is the best source to keep up with our fam.  Make sure to add me if you haven't Clerissa CJ Lewis