Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This is a picture of me meeting another Mormon Momma :)  She came to my uppercase living party last week, so sweet of her :)  I know, I look like death warmed over, felt like it too, it was right before I was diagnosed with the sinus infection.  Anyhow, figured I would get it up, it is about time.  I have pics of the babes with Uncle Anthony before he left for the summer again that I need to get up.  Yesterday was Auntie Jujee's bday, so happy birthday to her.  Tomorrow is our 4 year anni, so happy anni to my hubs, I love you  :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I slack, therefor I am

a slacker :)  No really, the car broke down and then it was crazy busy getting enrichment done... still need to get thank yous out, helping get Uncle David off, and then seriously I was so sick this past week that I couldn't even move, and then I had a book party today that no one showed up to, so life has been crazy to say the least.  Enjoy the update in pictures :)  If anyone wants to order books let me know, so we can get them here in time for Easter for your Easter baskets :)

Monday, March 09, 2009

Is it Easter yet?

So yes, Easter is by far one of my fav holidays.  I am so stoked to take the kids to as many easter egg hunts as I can muster up energy to do this year.  We only did one last year and Jasmin had a blast, and I know little man will be all over it, so I can't wait.  I just love this time of year :)  Warmth is on it's way, as are my anni and bday and then Easter... such a fun time of year.

Here are some pics of our adventures latley.  Little man got to go play outside for the first time since he has learned to walk ( well in warmer weather, he did go out in the snow a few times, but couldn't romp around all bundled up )   Sister got to go swimming without us for the first time.  And Daddy had fun helping Gma and Gpa Lewis lay flooring.  I was busy with Enrichment.

Enjoy the pics.