Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Update soon

I will update soon, life has been crazy, so I apologize for the absence. TO keep you tied over, here is a conversation with Jasmin that just occurred.

Jasmin - "Mommy, why are you eating a banana?"
Me - "Because I am hungry."
Jasmin - "Monkeys eat bananas"

As my father-in-law commented, nice to see where I stand huh?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

In an attempt to go green with Christmas this year, I decided to just include our blog address on Christmas cards and post it here instead of printing it out and sending it in each one. This way too, only those who care to know will have to suffer through the "brag" letter :)

2008 was quite a year for us. In February we welcomed Ryken John into our family. He is quite the big "little man" and is such a fun addition to our family. He got RSV right after he was born so has congestion problems which had led to mommy's sleep problems but is healthy other than that. He is ready to walk any day now, he keeps dabbling and teasing with steps but has yet to run, so soon he will be chasing sister around the house. He and sister love each other to pieces... literally sometimes, and our such amazing blessings and sources of joy in our lives.

Sister, well she turned 3 in September, can you believe it, I can't. We went to a free dance/gym class in September and she responded to it so well that we signed her up. Her first dance recital is next Tuesday and we are so excited for it. It is at The Little Gym in Orem, so if you want to come email me and I will get you the details.

Housewise, we are just plugging along doing as many projects as we can afford to do financially and physically... by we I mean mostly Steve, but I do my part watching the kids or what not :) We finished the garage and put up a door, put in new flooring (yeah! no more nasty carpet, and true fact the day we put it in Ryken started crawling, since he no longer had to attempt to on blankets I would lay down so he wouldn't touch the carpet.) We knocked out a wall and put in a sliding glass door and built a deck so you didn't fall out that door :) I don't know what will keep Steve busy this coming up summer since he was able to do so much this summer.

Steve, if he isn't working on the house ;) he is working still with Pepsi :) He needs 2 more classes and will graduate from UVU and so hopefully we will get that done here this next semester. He is well, his R.A. is under control as well as can be, as long as he takes his meds, so healthwise other than that is good. He is currently an assistant cub master in our ward, great times, no? And also was called to the activity committee along with myself, so even more good times to come.

Me... I have a second calling as well, enrichment food coordinator, so that is fun. I signed up to do two businesses from home this year, Close to my Heart scrapbook supplies and Usborne Books at home. Both are linked to the side of this blog if you want to check them out. I haven't put too much effort into either, that sleep problem kind of holds me back :) but have fun doing both and benefiting from both so it works.

That is pretty much our year in a nutshell, feel free to scope through the posts, I try to stay pretty current and fill with lots of pics. I will try to get better about posting videos for your viewing pleasures. I hope that life has been well for all this year and that this "letter" finds you in good health and spirits. Know that even we love all of you (seriosuly, we do, especially if you took the time to visit ;) ) and hope that your holidays are filled with joy.

Merry Christmas!

Love ~ The Lewis Family

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


So I need to update and still get to a tag a friend issued but am out of it lately. While waiting, head over to the site above and pic out a free card to send to a soldier oversea. Doesn't cost but a moment of your time to let them know we are thinking of them and grateful for their service, scroll through the cute pics made by twinkers across the states ( Jasmin picked the kitty one :) ), pick a message and then they will print it off and send it for you. Send one, or more, just a fun way to spread love.

Monday, December 01, 2008

An update on the day it happened... must be a blue moon, yes?