Friday, January 23, 2009

Sorry for changing the background so often, each one I picked wasn't settling right and then I realized why, hello valentines day is forever away and little man's bday is right around the corner (the 9th versus the 14th :) ) So yes, in honor of little man, we will have a bday background for now :) I can't believe he is turning one, where is the time going?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

So I have been a picture taking slacker, and I apologize for that. I have been otherwise occupied trying to figure out what I need to do to start a neighborhood co-op style preschool. Here is one picture though taken recently, to brighten your day. We went out to Gma and Gpa Richter's for Uncle Dillon's bday and Auntie Jujee had fun curling Jasmin's hair. Seeing this pic reminds me how good that cheescake was :) Erik, if you are reading this, don't forget you are making me one for my bday ;-D
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Random... so get this, I was trying to figure out where I got the picture/blinky of Christ and Mary and Joseph over on the side there and couldn't remember where. Not that I am going to change it, I want to keep it up for good, because I believe we should remember Him always and not just twice a year, and it is a tender picture that I like. The get this part is that when I click on it, it takes me to which I am sure is not where I got it, but hey, props to me for linking to one of my church's websites and not even knowing :) Now THAT is missionary work at it's finest ;)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

So yes, since I didn't have near as many pics as I thought, figured I would write an update, I owe you that much :)

Let's see, the day I posted our Christmas letter little man decided to start walking. He is so stinking cute to watch do this, he looks to little to, but hey sister was doing it at 9 months so technically he was a month later :) He leans his weight on his hands and pops up his bum onto his feet and stands up and off he goes. Watching him go after sister or "zombie walk" ( arms out stretched ) over to you is so much fun. Ha, even tries to dance like he sees sister do, and bounces a little or walks in circles after her. Sometimes it amazes me how much fun these little people can be. He waves and sounds to say "bye" when he does. He and sister got little play cell phones for Christmas and he will open his and put it to his ear and say "hi." He loves to antagonize sister, and he knows just how to do it too, the little stink.

He pulled a stocking down off the tv and somehow it caught the edge of the speaker which came down and popped him right on the forehead and split open his eyebrow. Of course we didn't realize this was what happened until we got home later that day from the e.r. and scope the area. We kept telling them the speaker fell on his head and were questioned many times if he was knocked out ( we said an eight inch woofer type speaker ) and we kept saying no, and even when the inspected the area got like weird looks. So after getting home and realizing he had no bruising only the split, no goose eggs, we finally figured out that the speaker most have hit the floor first and then him. Either way, it was sad and they had to glue his eyebrow shut, so yay to no stitched but he did not like being restrained to get that gluing done. The glue finally fell off the other day and he has a little pink line in his eyebrow so looks sad sometimes but it isn't too bad.

Sister, as you can see from previous posts, had her recital in December and it was amazing! Granted, biased parent here, but she did so good ( don't you think so too? you can share your opinions since you too can see it in the videos, so can give accurate perspectives :) ) She loved performing and we were so grateful to have family close by who could make it, that meant a lot to us and her, so thank you to all that could come. She can't wait for dance to start again, and it does tomorrow, so will be fun to see how much she improves this next semester. Hopefully her recital will be easier to attend this sem, since it will be on a wednesday at 3 pm instead of tuesday at 10 am.

She loved the Christmas season. It was so fun ( most of the time ) to hear her little voice from the back seat saying " more christmas lights, more christmas lights, on mommy's side, on jasmin's side etc, etc... She loved christmas lights, so daddy broke down and even put some up on our house for her to enjoy. We went to temple square and spanish fork's festival and she loved both. Our neighborhood really gets into it, so we made a point to hit the cul-da-sacs in our area that we just as good as going to the festival of lights. She would love to point oout when she saw frosty or santa but the best was how excited she would get when she saw "baby Jesus." As we drove home from my parent's last night I was like, we need to do more holidays with lights, maybe we should do Easter lights or what not, do them more through the year, not too often so they are still special but more than once. She totally understood Christmas this year, and really enjoyed unwrapping gifts. That was fun to watch and her excitement got little man excited, so it was really fun to get to see.

She went to Sunbeams for the first time on Sunday and LOVED it. She told us how she sang and and learned about Jesus and how she was a sunbeam and got to color a cut out a child of God puppet. So that makes me happy, she didn't have the best experiences in nursery so kind of ruined that, but so far sunbeams rock and so that will be fun for her.

She is getting so big, it blows my mind. The things she does and understands, it is just so much and she seems so little that it doesn't seem time, but it is so fun to be a part of. She loves to help out, and loves to do things herself. She got her own little computer that you plug into the tv and honestly was tickled pink at the concept.

Hubs and I, we are same old same old, getting older for sure :) We will turn a quarter of a century old this year and I can't believe it. Well, I can, I seem to feel older, especially physcially, daily, so it isn't that mind blowing until someone asks " how old are you?" and then it's like, oh yeah. He will be doing another semester if not two this year. He needs one more class for his associates and apparently only a couple more sems for his bachelors, so that is def on the goal list this year, get the schooling done. He got a lot done on the house this past year, not sure what he has on the list this year, but I am sure it will be full :) We contemplate seeing what we could get for our house in current condition because there are so many houses out there that we could see ourselves in for the rest of our lives and are affordable, but not sure we could sell this one yet, so we will see if we have any news in the regards this year.

I had a friend post a resolution challenge on her blog, to find 9 resolutions to strive toward in this next year ( nine in oh nine ) and it got me thinking. There is so much that I need to be better at, that finding 9 is actually kind of hard, but I think I have narrowed it down so that these 9 are building steps to all the aspects that need attention.

1. Family time ~ From family home evenings, to designated trips, we need to do stuff as a family more, I feel. It doesn't have to be elsewhere, staying home is ok, but I think we need to put effort into planning and sticking to it, and doing a fun trip once a month ( like to a park or picnic or something.)

2. Romantic time ~ We don't really go out much, we are both tired come the day's end and so the desire to go and do something gets stifled by the desire to catch some z's. Both hubs and I have agreed that we need to get out and we don't have an excuse not too, we have sitters all around offering to watch the babes, we just need to plan and do.

3. Temple time ~ We need to strive to go atleast once a month if not more. Again, it is the lack of energy that is stifling this goal and we need to get past that.

4. Exercise time ~ Steve is better about this than I, but when we have all the equipment one's heart could desire in our garage, I have no excuse to not work out and therefor resolve to make a grand effort to get in shape this year, well in shape before September...

5. Scripture time ~ We read with Jasmin before bed, but we need to do our own time together and personal time and so I strive to do that this year.

6. Time for my businesses ~ I signed up for 2 businesses last year and haven't put much effort into them. I want to be able to help contribute financially to our family and releave some of that pressure we endure. So my goal is to dedicate time towards that and make them work this year.

7. Scrapbooking time ~ I am so behind, and want to make it a goal to get caught up this year.

8. Cleaning time ~ I want to get better about keeping our house clean, it doesn't really get dirty but clutters up fast and I need to put more effort into not letting that occur, staying organized.

9. Last is to better plan out our lives. Meaning like meal plans and grocery plans and such things, this kind of goes hand in hand with being more organized, but I felt it was big enough to be it's own resolution.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Sorry for slacking, here is the update, unfortunately I didn't take near as many pics as I thought I did.

Friday, January 02, 2009


So I was tagged ages ago. I apologize for my delay. The tag was to pull the 4th pic from the 4th file and the 6th pic from the 6th file. Here we have it. The 4th one was of Jasmin at the Orem fest days back in june, and the 6th one was of Ryken swinging in the backyard. Goodtimes, no?