Wednesday, September 29, 2010

random thoughts pt 2

um so yeah, half of my post was missing from last time, and I was kind of depressed it was gone and put off doing it all over again, so here is my attempt to do so... finally ;)

The kiddles are getting so big, it really does blow my mind. They play together so well... most of the time ;) Sometimes it is like cats and dogs, no lie, but 90 percent of the time the do everything together. Which I think is why Ryken misses Jasmin so much when she is at school or dance. Some of the games they play, make me laugh so hard. They love to play puppy and take turns being the owner and being the puppy... I know, we will have one some day, but I want to wait until we are done having kids so I have energy to train a puppy. They love to take turns spinning each other in the swings, or playing "rescue" by the castle, or going shopping, the games are endless...

Speaking of having kids... I am almost 7 months along, and I am not sure where that went? Granted I know I am the size of a cow whale, so easy to believe 7 months, but man it seems like it was fast. Little brother is going to be here soon and the whole family dynamics are going to change. I wonder how it will be... right now little man is such my snuggle bug, I hope that doesn't change. He seems excited to "teach baby brother how to shoot the ball ( basketball )" hopefully that excitement stays once he is actually here. We honestly have no names in mind for little brother, NONE. We know middle name will be Steven, and just can't seem to come up with any good first names ( good equals sounds well with steven as middle name and isn't a name with a bad connotation or has already been used )

We have been having insurance issues that are incredibly frustrating. Long story short, our insurance told 3 different people ( myself included ) that we could have Ryken's teeth fixed at UVRMC and then after all is done a bill is now 10 times what is should have been... and now we have to have baby brother over at Timpanogos in Orem instead of at UVRMC that is down the road... I was not very happy about this entire situation and still am trying to get things ironed out, so has been a weighing issue on my stress level lately.

On a happier note fall seems to be around the corner and I.AM.SO.EXCITED!!! Fall has always been my favorite season. I love the crisp air, the smells, the food, the football, the holidays, LOVE IT! I have been trying really hard to be on the ball this year and have all events I want to attend planned out, so to not forget to do anything. Pumpkinland, safety fairs, free craft nights, trick or treating EVERYWHERE!, party for any and all reasons, can you tell I love this time of year?

Ok, well that is all for now, I know I had other updates and thoughts to share, but my brain is kind of fried, being a cow whale makes it hard to find comfortable way to sleep at night and having to go to bathroom every other hour because baby brother seems to be parked on my bladder don't make for a very conscious mommy.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Random thoughts

So I finally got pictures up, hope you are all enjoying them.

Some updates...

Jasmin is loving her preschool and dance classes. She is a super star and on the jr crew :) Which means competition teams. She is having a ball being with the big girls.

Poor Ryken wants to go to school so bad, when we drop sister off or when we drive past a school he starts asking to go. He loves big trucks, since we have had like nonstop construction around us this whole summer, he is always asking to see the big trucks.

Watching the two of them play kills me. They are getting so big. I mean, five years ago this week we became parents... where did that go?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jasmin's Birthday 2010

Jasmin wanted a Cinderella birthday party this year, and she got two! Her school class is so big this year that I split it up and did a school party and then a church friends party. Both were a blast :) She thoroughly enjoyed herself. Then we had the Richters over that evening and had pizza and then Auntie Jujee took us out for Maceys ice cream. The Lewis side came on sunday and we had cupcakes. Then on her actual birthday we took her to Chuck-a-rama and then to Kmart to pick up the new tinkerbell movie and let her pick out which doll she wanted ( you get the doll for .97 cents if you buy it same time as the movie ) and then home to open the costume she wanted for Halloween this year and to watch our new movie as a family. She told me it was the best birthday ever :) Hopefully I get that reaction each year ;)


Hailey's Pamper Birthday Party

Jasmin was invited to a Pamper Birthday party for her friend Hailey. She got to have her nails done and hair done and dress up with her friends. Mommies and siblings were invited to come for cupcakes and so go to see the end results of all the pampering :D

Hoogle Zoo 9/11/2010