Friday, September 26, 2008

see past the brown, see the beauty

I should be sleeping, I really should be, but can't seem to pry myself from this screen filled with blog after blog of people who I don't know but seem to find their lives interesting enough to stay up and read about.

I apologize for not updating yet, I am overdue and have had requests for the cute fairy pictures, but just haven't done it yet. I think the main reason is because they didn't upload to picassa and went into adobe instead and therefore takes longer for me to upload and it has just overwhelmed me to think about so I keep putting it off. But I promise, soon, I will get them up.

To fill the void here are some tender moments I have to share.

Today I got a much coveted and needed nap, I wasn't feeling the best and had a shoe shindig to hit up so a nap was a must. I got Ryken down and Jasmin came in and said she wanted to take a nap to so curled up behind me in Daddy's spot and proceeded to fake snore ( like Daddy, not like Mommy :) ) Anyhow I told her to be soft since brother is sleeping so she stopped snoring and I assumed fell asleep. Ha, if only it were that simple, no she was just laying there and started squirming around and just when I was going to tell her to go to sleep she leans over me and gets right in my face. I pretended to be asleep already and after a moment she accepted that fact and kissed my arm and brushed my hair back from my face and said "Goodnight Mommom, I love you." That little monkey, in such a tender moment made me wonder how many times she has given me the fake out in order for her to do the same to me as I do to her when she is asleep :)

She has been so grateful since her birthday, it has been totally cute. She says "thank you VERY much" to everything. I came home with a pair of shoes for her from the shindig and she is still wearing them and finding outfits to match (smart girl there is pink in the flower so came out with a new pink dress from her cousins.) But yes, her little voice saying "thank you very much" is definetly one of the sweetest sounds.

So today, in one of my many moments of exhaustion that seem to fill each day, I had an "awe" moment. I was watching little man sleep and it just overwhelmed me all of a sudden to realize how much faith Heavenly Father must have in me. Honestly, to send such a sweet little spirit to bless my life and to trust into my care, no matter how down or depressed I might be on myself always thinking about what I could get done or should be cleaning or how much better I see other's being and should be like or what not, that He thinks that I am worth enough to send them to me. I need to be open to such moments and stop getting lost in the muck of life. I really am so blessed to have such beautiful spirits in my life who share their love so freely with me that I need to remember to be grateful so more often. I keep thinking that my focus is to be more Christlike in my daily doings, and I really do strive for this, I just need to emphasize the grateful factor because I really do have so much to be grateful for, that it is ridiculous that I would ever have any moments of griping. I had an institute teacher tell me once, "We need to not focus on the brown, but on the beauty of life." He was one of my all time favs and I so need to remember his quote daily because though I might have some brown in my life, there is so much more beauty that I need to appreciate like it deserves to be appreciated.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Elder's Quroum had a date night last Friday and Grammy Lewis was kind enough to babysit. We went to the Home and Garden Expo before heading over to the dinner, it ended up being a nice date night out. This dinner was SO much fun, not because they had a Wii bowling tournament after dinner, or because the food was all that exciting ( hogi yogi sub :s ) but we as Play Group Parents ( PGP pride ;) ) sat together and just had a blast. This was the first parent's only thing we have done and it was a nice change up. Granted we did a New Year's Eve Party, but the girls were there and so not the same as just sitting and talking with each other and enjoying each others' company without worrying what the girls might be up to :) It was fun to sit and talk and relax and laugh and just have a good time. Ha, sorry Deborah, she is having some back issues with the pregnancy and laughing would make it hurt, but we couldn't help ourselves, we were just having such a good time that it was filled with laughter and therefor having a good time was painful for her. We didn't stay to Wii, but the dinner alone made the night worth it. Thanks guys for being our friends :) After the dinner Steve and I went and bought some last minute party supplies and just finished enjoying our night out just the two of us, no babes. I love my babes, don't get me wrong, but it was fun just being with my honey for awhile. Thanks Honey, for letting me make you have fun every once a while :)

So the first aren't exactly beauty shots... who are we kidding, they never are... either way these are not the most flattering, but only ones taken of myself at the party so there you go. The last pic does not do justice for how funny Hailey's reaction to use singing to her was. We started singing so she crouched down and started sneaking to the kitchen looking for a cake with candles, totally hilarious. Happy late birthday Hailey, thanks for inviting us to your fun party, and for getting so excited over our gift to you ( we gave her two, but she liked the "that's not my princess" book more than the nightgown, go figure :) )

More pics from Hailey's party.

So yes, last Tuesday we went to Hailey's Winnie the Pooh party. It was so fun! We unfortunately were late due to coming from dance, but we got there in time for this game of throwing the bees into the honey pot and then the WTP themed lunch. I will have to pull picks from the brady blog so that you can see how cute the lunch was. Things like Rabbits Trees (broccoli) Tiger's Tails (cheeto puffs) Eeyore's Rain Cloud ( blue jello with whipcream on top) and Piglets PuhPuhPizza :) So much fun!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I have so many pics to upload but have cakes to make and presents to wrap, so here is a preview.
Happy Birthday my sweet Jasmin.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

This duck game was one of Jasmin's favorites. She loved the slide as well :)

The first time we went here Jasmin would not ride this ride. This time she kept asking :) Then we put little man on a few of the tamer rides and he loved it.

We went to Chuck-e-Cheese's for Melanie's Birthday. Enjoy a pic overload of that joyous occasion :)