Friday, December 18, 2009

missed one

This one didn't post originally and it was one of the best! So enjoy!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


In an attempt to go green, here is my Christmas letter for this year. I wrote our blog address on the bottom of the Christmas cards I am sending out ( if you want one email me your addy to , they are homemade and come with a family pic, so you know you want one and I have like 200 to send, so just do it, send me your address ) so that people could come to the site to read the letter and scroll through the year in photos I have posted.

Merry Christmas!

Love ~ The Lewis Family

Just kidding :)

This year went by way too fast. Ryken will be two in two months and I can't believe it. Jasmin turned 4 this year and started preschool and lessons at a dance studio and it blows my mind. Where has the time gone? I am now a believer that if you blink you will miss it because it truly goes by that fast.

Steve is still at Pepsi, he moved through a few different routes, helping revive them, and is now on a Provo route. This is so fun, because he gets home sooner and we can take him lunch, on occasion. He is the assistant cub master in our local cub scouts, so that is fun for him.

The most exciting things for me this year were figuring out the joys of swapping homemade cards and pages and then getting called to Enrichment *cough* meeting *cough* Leader for our ward. We bought our first van this summer, so that was another fun highlight of the year.

It has been a pretty low key year, and we don't mind that at all. We hope that those reading this letter are in good health and that your loved ones are as well. May you have a great Christmas season and a fabulous new year.

Love ~ The Lewis Family