Wednesday, December 07, 2011

It's the most WONDERFUL time of the year :)

Merry Christmas, letter time!

2011 was a very full year of ups and downs and all arounds.

Zackary was born technically last December but still was our first year with him :) He has been nothing but a joy, one of the happiest babies ever! So snuggly and lovey and happy all the time. We didn't know he knew how to cry until he started teething this summer :) He is a our big man, been walking since October and getting into everything. He loves his big sister and brother so much and loves to do what they are doing. He turns one on the 9th and we are having a Mickey Mouse Club House party for him.

Ryken is a big preschooler this year. It was hard goings at first, didn't want mommy to leave but we developed a hug system ( he choose how many he needs before I leave )and he has been great since. Comes home singing songs and talks so much and is so fun and smart. We can't wait to start sports this springs since he will be turning 4 and can sign up. He honestly never stops running around and playing and doing things. Some of his funny quotes are from the following situations. He was running around in our apartment and I was honestly fed up, so I said "PLEASE.STOP.RUNNING.AROUND!" and he said "can we jump around?" and I said, "what?" and he said "you know, jump around" as he preceded to demonstrate by jumping in a cirlce... the monkey. Another time Steve was heading out to rake leaves and Ryken headed after him. I said "you have to stay inside, it is too cold" and he said "but I am daddy's mini-me" and I said "so?" and he said "I am his mini-me so I can go wherever he goes!" man, that kid is hilarious :)

Jasmin is in kindergarten! Ah! Mommy almost died having to drop her off. She is LOVING it. Loves her teacher, loved her first field trip on a real school bus, loves learning and doing centers and going to the library and being able to read books by herself. She made it on the Hot Shot team this year at her dance studio, so the team above last years team and is truly loving that this year. She loves being a big sister, sometimes too much ;) Really, you couldn't ask for a better helper and she loves playing with her brothers. In April we found out she is blind in one eye, apparently has been since birth, so still figuring out a diagnosis, two drs gave us two different reasons why so we plan to go to one if not two more specialists and see what they say. She blows our mind that even with that set back she just thrives in life.

This year was rather full for us as a family. Most of it has been the past few months. We sold our home in Provo faster than we thought we would and so had to hurry and find somewhere to live so ended up in a 900 sq ft apartment in orem. Coming from a 1300 sq ft home with garage and backyard was insane, half our stuff was sent to each of our parents to help store while we crammed 5 people into 2 rooms in the apartment. We thought we were going to build a home but couldn't find a lot in our price range where we wanted to live, so decided to look for a home to buy and found a foreclosure in Orem that fit the bill. We found it October 26 and got the keys to it Nov 23. It was built the same year we were married, 2005, so that made it extra fun and special :D

We are excited for this next adventure in our lives and planting some roots. Our ward was amazingly welcoming and friendly so excited to make new friendships there. Fingers crossed on no crazy callings ;)

We have so much to be thankful for this year, and couldn't be happier. We hope that this letter finds you and your loved ones in the same boat. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years :) We love you!


Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Love ~
The crazy janitor, baby wolf, Captain America, Princess Flower, and the gypsy

Saturday, October 01, 2011

how good do we look?

Family pictures, Sept 2011 :)
thank you Danielle of

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

guess what happened last night?

Jasmin lost her first tooth!
Sorry pics are fuzzy, a certain bro borrowed my camera for a trip to cali ;)
Thing is, if he hadn't a sister wanted it for a st george trip, ha.

The tooth fairy left her a dollar wrapped in a ribbon of her favorite color!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

where in the world?

Yes, where in the world have I been? Busy as all get out! Currently we are residing in a little apartment in Orem since we sold our house (SUPER YAY!!!!) and haven't figured out where we are building, if we are building or buying... it seems to change daily, ugh! Either way I hope to be there by December, so we will see :) It is crowded in this apartment, but light at the end of the tunnel, sacrifices worth it!

Jasmin started kindergarten at Sharon Elementary and has the cutest teacher! Mrs Crowley :) When she went to her kindergarten assessment, her teacher kept praising her and later told me that she got to do tests with Jasmin that she usually doesn't get to do because she kept doing it right and so kept advancing. Go Jasmin!
She also made the Hot Shot team at her dance studio. Once again the smallest on her team but kicking it already ( couple of solo parts in 2 of the numbers so far )

Ryken started preschool! It took 3 times of going, but he does not cry when I leave him now, woot woot! He especially love show and tell :) He is dieing for our "big house" because he found some new toys during the move that we are not opening until we are settled. Steve won't even open up the 47 inch tv he won at work until we are settled, argh!

Zackary is getting so big! He now has 2 teeth officially, with 2 more working their way out. He crawls everywhere! He cruises along things too, so I know walking is around the corner. He will be 9 months tomorrow, and I do not know where that went. He talks so much but his favorite way to communicate is grunting and growling, it seriously is the cutest and funniest thing ever. He will look right at you and grunt, he totally knows what he is doing :)

Steve and I? We are here, tired and heads spinning figuring it all out :) Will try to keep you better posted. Again, if you facebook, ADD ME! I throw pics up there all the time.

Friday, July 29, 2011


click on that second picture of Ryken :) It looks like he is peering into your soul :D

Thursday, July 28, 2011

anyone want to help us move??

So yes, we are moving, in like 3 weeks, and this all came to head um, yesterday! ARGH! Not that we haven't wanted to in ages and I am not excited for the next step in our lives, I am seriously OVERWHELMED! Can one even find a house to buy and buy it in 3 weeks? Wish us luck!
here are some fun pics to tie you over until I can FINALLY play catch up :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

another reason to facebook

So you can help us win the contest at deseret first credit union :)
Go here
and vote 5 stars on our picture of the kids in the tent in our living room.

Thank you thank you for helping us!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

are we facebook friends?

I have neglected this blog, and I apologize. Are we facebook friends? I upload pics there ALL.THE.TIME, it is so easy to do. So if you are looking for an update, scope there ;)

FACEBOOK: Clerissa CJ Lewis

Sunday, April 24, 2011

slacking...again, used to it yet?

I know, I am slacking majorly! We are in the middle of moving files form the old computer that has to be taped just right to turn on to our new one and I need to hurry and get it down and update already. Lots of pics to share, news to announce, conundrums to solve. Great times.
For now, enjoy a few pics and a Happy Easter wish :)

Friday, January 07, 2011

A new blog

So, in an attempt to stay sane by sharing my crazy thoughts ;) I started a new blog.
Check it out, follow it, link it, comment!


~ C