Saturday, June 20, 2009

SO I had to steal these of my friends blog, because somehow I forgot to take my camera when I took Jasmin to the Little Mermaid production at the Covey Center. It was a local dance studio's production and it was so fun. Seriously though, it was a bit trippy since I am sure it is our future because Jasmin loves dancing so much.
Deborah and Hailey were able to come with us, and it was so much fun. Thanks for bringing your camera and posting the pics for me to steal :D Seriously too, doesn't her camera rock? It can make even me look pretty good ;)

Monday, June 15, 2009

I know I am due for more wordy posts, but enjoy these pics while you continue to wait for those :D

Monday, June 01, 2009


Ok, time for the long boring wordy part, hope you are enjoying all the pics :)

Let's see, where to start...

Yellowstone was amazing! I have never been there before, nor have the kiddles so it was all new to us and it was awesome. We stayed in a timeshare that a lady my father-in-law works with let us use and it rocked. We were only there for a weekend but we did and saw so much that I honestly felt like we were there longer. We headed up Friday morning arrived that evening and chilled at the timeshare. We had originally planned to hit up some bear park in Idaho on the way there but it was unfortunately closed. We enjoyed the pool at the joint that night before hitting the sacks, Jasmin made a little friend in the kiddy pool who had brought dolls, that was quite fun to watch them play. Michael and Jeff made a little friend too ;) Who we actually ran into the next day in the park "Look, Jeff, it's the girl from the pool" Hilarious!
So yes, Saturday we got up early and went into the park. There were a lot of trees at first and we finally saw some Bison across the river and I was honestly thinking, man this is going to suck since I don't know where to look or what exactly to look for when we went around a bend and bam, there were bison in the road, trotting along. Hello, they have no fear and just go where they want. There were tons and tons of bison and elk everywhere, so spotting them turned out to not be as difficult as I thought. The secret is, if you see a car pulled over, pull over too, they probably have spotted something. We saw a couple of wolves the first day, and a bald eagle and even a bear, it totally rocked. We went and saw old faithful and a bunch of hot pots along the way. Jasmin called them the " stinky geysers " and for weeks afterwards woke up every morning asking if we were going to see the "stinky geysers and animals" Ever now and then she still mentions them :) We saw the worlds tallest geyser ( steamboat ) and a bunch of little ones. It was crazy now in some areas there was like 10 feet of snow and then the baren areas of hot springs and pots. That night we went to the discovery center they had right next to our timeshare and it totally rocked. It was right before they were closing so the wolves and bears that live there and are the exhibits were playful as can be. Ryken loved the wolves and would squeal with delight when they would come up to the window and follow him. We went and saw them the next day, and it was nothing like the night before, so if you go, go before closing time because they are so much more alive then. The gift shop had this huge bear couch and the kids loved playing on it. The also had tons of fun toys they would have loved, but a) no room to take home and b) no way I am spending 200 bucks on a rocking bear.

The next day we went in early again to the park, in an attempt to see more wolves since we only saw two the day before and in our excitement over the bear, missed out on seeing a pack of them. We in fact saw 2 and got some good shots, so that was fun ( oh and I spotted them, right when most of us were falling asleep and I too was about to close my eyes, I saw the first guy running across a meadow of snow and his friend was near behind him ) We saw another bald eagle that day too.

So yes, Yellowstone rocked, it was a blast and I would totally go back again anytime, I think it would be fun to go fall, I bet it is really pretty then.

Jasmin's recital was so stinking cute. I made matching tutus for the little girls and they were told to wear black and it just turned out so great. She did so well, though she was tired ( it is an afternoon class as opposed to the morning one she had last sem ) and she fell once, during the tap routine which was so sad because afterwards that was what she kept telling us "I fell", but they had installed hardwoods floors a few weeks prior so the kiddles weren't used to it's slickery-ness yet. She loved getting flowers from daddy afterwards and the fact that her friend Hailey came to watch. So it was good times.

Ok, I am tired, more update soon.
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