Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Update soon

I will update soon, life has been crazy, so I apologize for the absence. TO keep you tied over, here is a conversation with Jasmin that just occurred.

Jasmin - "Mommy, why are you eating a banana?"
Me - "Because I am hungry."
Jasmin - "Monkeys eat bananas"

As my father-in-law commented, nice to see where I stand huh?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

In an attempt to go green with Christmas this year, I decided to just include our blog address on Christmas cards and post it here instead of printing it out and sending it in each one. This way too, only those who care to know will have to suffer through the "brag" letter :)

2008 was quite a year for us. In February we welcomed Ryken John into our family. He is quite the big "little man" and is such a fun addition to our family. He got RSV right after he was born so has congestion problems which had led to mommy's sleep problems but is healthy other than that. He is ready to walk any day now, he keeps dabbling and teasing with steps but has yet to run, so soon he will be chasing sister around the house. He and sister love each other to pieces... literally sometimes, and our such amazing blessings and sources of joy in our lives.

Sister, well she turned 3 in September, can you believe it, I can't. We went to a free dance/gym class in September and she responded to it so well that we signed her up. Her first dance recital is next Tuesday and we are so excited for it. It is at The Little Gym in Orem, so if you want to come email me and I will get you the details.

Housewise, we are just plugging along doing as many projects as we can afford to do financially and physically... by we I mean mostly Steve, but I do my part watching the kids or what not :) We finished the garage and put up a door, put in new flooring (yeah! no more nasty carpet, and true fact the day we put it in Ryken started crawling, since he no longer had to attempt to on blankets I would lay down so he wouldn't touch the carpet.) We knocked out a wall and put in a sliding glass door and built a deck so you didn't fall out that door :) I don't know what will keep Steve busy this coming up summer since he was able to do so much this summer.

Steve, if he isn't working on the house ;) he is working still with Pepsi :) He needs 2 more classes and will graduate from UVU and so hopefully we will get that done here this next semester. He is well, his R.A. is under control as well as can be, as long as he takes his meds, so healthwise other than that is good. He is currently an assistant cub master in our ward, great times, no? And also was called to the activity committee along with myself, so even more good times to come.

Me... I have a second calling as well, enrichment food coordinator, so that is fun. I signed up to do two businesses from home this year, Close to my Heart scrapbook supplies and Usborne Books at home. Both are linked to the side of this blog if you want to check them out. I haven't put too much effort into either, that sleep problem kind of holds me back :) but have fun doing both and benefiting from both so it works.

That is pretty much our year in a nutshell, feel free to scope through the posts, I try to stay pretty current and fill with lots of pics. I will try to get better about posting videos for your viewing pleasures. I hope that life has been well for all this year and that this "letter" finds you in good health and spirits. Know that even we love all of you (seriosuly, we do, especially if you took the time to visit ;) ) and hope that your holidays are filled with joy.

Merry Christmas!

Love ~ The Lewis Family

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


So I need to update and still get to a tag a friend issued but am out of it lately. While waiting, head over to the site above and pic out a free card to send to a soldier oversea. Doesn't cost but a moment of your time to let them know we are thinking of them and grateful for their service, scroll through the cute pics made by twinkers across the states ( Jasmin picked the kitty one :) ), pick a message and then they will print it off and send it for you. Send one, or more, just a fun way to spread love.

Monday, December 01, 2008

An update on the day it happened... must be a blue moon, yes?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

So yes, I am excited for Thanksgiving. And we get to have two in one week, how great is that? We have done some fun things lately, but I have been in slow-mo so haven't been the best about taking pictures of the events... I know, shame on me and I do apologize, but seriously, it is just not happening and I am working on it.

This past week alone was quite full. Monday we went and say cousin Melanie in Joseph and the technicolored dream coat... needless to say if you are familiar with the play/movie, it was an interesting event :) They did well but glory that is an out-there piece of work. I have a few pics of that I will post, with Melanie afterwards.

Tuesday and Wednesday were filled with a shoe and shade party, good times. Little man had his 9 month check up on Wednesday. He weighed in at 19.1 lbs and was 28 inches long/tall. Crazy crazy.

Thursday was Uncle Erik's bday so we went out there to party. The Aunties were all dressed up for their twilight party (as in matching special shirts, not crazy prom dresses or vampire attire) and midnight showing, sadly I was the only sister not to go, but for real... I have better things to do at midnight then try to stay up and watch a movie... granted all the tweeners screaming probably would have kept me up, but thanks anyways :)

Friday we were supposed to go to an extra session of dance but Jasmin was ill, so sad, I think this was her first stomach bug and so she was just miserable. Little man seemd to have an earache and so it was great fun.

Saturday I got to go to traffic school for my bogus " impeeding" ticket I got in September... we won't go there because I could blog forever about the ignorance of some people and how I don't have the patients to be around them especially at 9 in the morning when I haven't had a night's rest in too long to recall.

The day got better though, Uncle David and Kara visited, then Steve went and played football with my sibs and then his friends came over and we had pizza and watched Singles 2nd Ward.

Now we are relaxing on a semi warm Sunday, making forts in the front room with the babes. So much fun, Ryken is loving them and sister is loving chasing him and vice versa. Though life is exhausting, it is so worth every ounce of energy being able to be happy with my honey and babes. I hope life is well for all those who read this, may your holiday ( if you are in the states ) be safe and may you remember to cherish each moment and everything that we are all blessed with to be grateful ( that can go to all statside or not, anytime is a good time to remember our blessings :) )

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So. I apologize for slacking, I seriously feel like I have hit empty and yet I am still going some how. After the whole enrichment bash and then the week of halloween festivities and then a week of getting stuff for my card class and ctmh meeting ready and going from one event to the the next, I just keep putting it off. Did I mention in that time we got a new furnace from the weatherization people just to have it break down and then to find holes in our new flooring? Plus I have my first bookfair this week that I had to get ready for last week and then a vt conference on Saturday that need food for it and little man finally broke his teeth through on Saturday and yet still isn't sleeping through the night... so yes, life is draining and I keep putting off posting and I apologize for my slacking.

To fill the void, head over to this site if you want to try to win a quilt, they are actually quite cute, and for my plugging it here I just got 3 extra entries.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I am so behind and apologize. Mostly it is because I am exhausted, and you never would be able to tell that, because we are always on the go, but I really am and so keep slacking on updating and for this I apologize. We have been crazy busy doing festive things. On Saturday ( the day after our wards ladies' late night that I was at because I am the food person ) we went trick or treating on Spanish Fork's main street. That night we went to the Free Trick-or Treat and craft night at Robert's Craft. Auntie Raeane came along to both things that day. That night we went out and spent the night at Gma and Gpa Richter's while they were in Vegas, we stayed with the youngest 3 and partied :) They got back Sunday and we went home. Monday was the party at Jasmin's dance studio. We didn't get pics of them, but her friend Lydia came with her family, so made it extra fun. Tuesday was the night of ward carnivals. We made it to Gma and Gpa Lewis's and then over to Aunties Natasha and Justine's work but the babes fell asleep on our way over to our wards, so we only hit two. Wednesday we went to Uncle Michael's concert and then left the kiddles with Gma and Gpa Lewis while we went on a date to the Dreaded Grove. It totally disappointed but at least it was free and a fun night out just the two of us. Today was Jasmin's friend's party and I will upload those pics tomorrow... hopefully, and we also went to a carnival at the retirement/rehabilitation home down the road. Tomorrow we have tons more planned from trick-or-treating down our downtown and then trunk-or-treating and the church. We'll see if we can convince Daddy to go to a party we were invited to ;)
Enjoy the pics :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wow, my first tag, woo-hoo. Thanks Kim :)

Here goes :)

1. I worked at Super Target when I was 16... did any of you know that?

2. I can't stand the feel of ice sticking to my fingers, it is worse than chalk squeaking or styrofoam rubbing.

3. I totally justify any purchase if it is for my babes :) So that is the extent of my shop-a-holic-ness.

4. I am a huge pack rat in the sense of memorabilia items. I keep everything if I think it can be scrapbooked :)

5. I like to sign along to songs, even when driving... I know, not the most safe because hands not on the wheel... but yes, fun. My favorite is when I get to go somewhere without babes so I can totally blast the music and semi rock out :)

6. I wish I was a better dancer. Like "mad skillz" stuff, not just slow dance ballroom stuff I already can do.

7. I never got asked out once in high school, not a single time (probably not the most surprising, but random yes?)

OK I tag...
Michelle DeGraw
Angie Gardner

Monday, October 06, 2008

So this is out of order, and I could totally change it's post date, but didn't want to confuse, so here are pictures from cousin Kyle's Farewell and Uncle Michael's birthday.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Maybe I should just use this cropped one? :)
The standing view gives the appearance that I am skinny
and we are all smiling and look great, this one would be perfect, no?
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Friday, October 03, 2008

So I need votes and opinions. If ever you have been to our house, you would have seen that as you enter our home on the wall directly in front of you has a 10 x 13 family picture below a framed Proclamation to the World. We need to update that, and that is where you opinion comes into play. Which of these two pictures should be the one for the wall?
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