Thursday, May 09, 2013

So I have been dabbling in oils for a bit... sounds witch crafty,no?  And took the jump.  I want to make Steve's life with R.A. less painful and make our lives healthier in general.  I have been blown away already.  I gave my sister some of the Breathe blend to try, and she is at day 9 from having to use her inhaler 2-5 times a day, to have not used it since she started rubbing it on her chest in the mornings.  Steve is on the vitamins and the dna repair supplement, and while I am not delusional and thinking we will cure his r.a., am hoping for less pain in his life.  I started the Slim and Sassy supplement and am seeing results already.  There is still hope for bathing suit season!

Seriously, there are a million ways to use the oils, and the fact that doTERRA are one of a few if not the only oils that are tested to make sure that each one is 100 percent what it says it is ( not just 100 percent natural, because that includes weeds and grass ) I feel safe using them.  I have been getting nights of actual sleep since we started rubbing the kids feet with lavender and putting it in their vaporizers. My life is already for the better since using them, so let me know if you want the same :)  I have friends trying intune for their children with add/adhd, or onguard to battle sickness, I am so excited each time I hear their stories of how it is helping their families.

My site is  check it out, message me, whatever you want.  It is only $35 to sign up and then buy for yourself and your family at the whole sale prices plus then you earn points towards free product.  I don't mind people buying from me, but at the price, it is SO worth it for people to sign up for themselves to take care of their own families :D check it out ;)

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